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U of Redlands, Zanja Bridge 4-2012

(1 in a multiple picture set) This irrigation ditch ('Zanja' in Spanish) was Spanish missionaries introduced the principle of irrigation in San Bernardino Valley, thus opening the way to settlement. Franciscan Fathers engineered, and Indians dug, this first ditch (or 'zanja') in 1819-20. In historical sequence the zanja supported the San Bernardino Asistencia, Rancho San Bernardino, pioneer ranches, orchards, and Redlands' domestic water supply The correct Spanish pronunciation is 'sahn-ya,' but most locals pronounce it as 'sand-key.' dug from the foothills northeast of town, all the way through Redlands by Native Americans working under the Spanish priests who built the Astencia. Before modern pipelines were laid, this was the source of water for all the early orange groves. This portion and the bridge is on the campus of the University of Redlands.